Due to the corona epidemic, a vaccine certificate has become necessary in all government and private offices, travels, shops and businesses, if you have also taken both doses of corona vaccine. So you can download Corona Vaccine Certificate And you do not need to go anywhere to get the e-certificate of the vaccine.

Because you neither need to go anywhere from home nor stand in long lines in such an epidemic, you can easily download your Vaccine Certificate with the help of your mobile, for which many methods are available.

Corona Vaccine Certificate download kaise karen

To download the Vaccine Certificate sitting at home, we are going to provide you information about all the methods, so read this article once till the end and by following the steps mentioned in it, you will get it in minutes. Download Your Vaccine Certificate So let’s know about it in detail.

Why Vaccine Certificate is Important

For employees of various types of government and non-government organizations due to the necessity of corona vaccine corona vaccination It has been made mandatory which is very necessary to fight the war against Corona.

In such a situation, it is necessary to keep a Corona Vaccine Certificate as a proof of vaccination, apart from this, the certificate is also required for information about which vaccine has been applied.

Wherever you have got your vaccination done, but the link of the e-certificate is sent in the form of a text message to the mobile number from which you have registered, with the help of which you can download your Vaccine Certificate.

How to Download Vaccine Certificate

The Kovid-19 Vaccination Certificate can be easily downloaded from the Arogya Setu App or the Cowin website, both these mediums are approved and safe by the Government of Rajasthan, two types of vaccines are being vaccinated for the corona epidemic.

1. Covishild- It has been prepared by Oxford Astrazeneca, an interval of 84 days has been prescribed between one dose of this vaccine, that is, 84 days after taking one dose, another vaccine can be given.

2. Covaxin- Bharat Biotech has an important role in its preparation and its vaccine is administered in an interval of 28 days.

Let us tell you that both these are indigenous vaccines which are completely safe to fight the war against Corona, not only this, both these vaccines are being imposed completely free of cost by the government by camping in different areas and Corona Vaccine Certificate only those people It is being given to those who have got both doses of corona vaccinated.

Ways to Download Vaccine

As we told you there are many ways to download Vaccine Certificate, we are telling you about all the methods, whichever method you find easiest and simplest, you can easily download the certificate in your mobile sitting at home by using it. .

1. Download Vaccine Certificate from the website

step 1 First of all go to cowin website.

Step-2 Enter your mobile number It will be more convenient if your mobile number is registered with Aadhaar.

Step-3 An OTP will come to your phone.

Step-4 Login by entering OTP number.

Step-5 The list of registered members who have taken the certificate will appear as soon as they login, they will be shown in green color.

Step-6 On the right side you will see the certificate button, click on it.

Step-7 Now you will get a pdf of a certificate.

Step-8 Now download and save the PDF.

2. Download Vaccine Certificate from Aarogya Setu

step 1 Arogya Setu App will be downloaded in mobile.

Step-2 Now go to this app.

Step-3 Click on Cowin tab.

Step-4 Click on Vaccination Certificate here.

Step-5 After this, the reference ID has to be entered which will be right next to the name of the registered member in the list.

Step-6 Now click on Get certificate and download PDF.

3. Download Vaccine Certificate from WhatsApp

To get e-certificate on WhatsApp, first of all, WhatsApp should be installed in your mobile phone, after that you follow the following steps –

step 1 First of all open WhatsApp.

Step-2 90131 51515 Save this number.

Step-3 This number belongs to Corona Help Desk and send it by writing hi to this number.

Step-4 Here in the list of problems there will be an option to download certificate, go to it.

Step-5 After that enter your registered mobile number.

Step-6 In the chat board of WhatsApp, two numbers are of Kovid certificate, send that two numbers.

Step-7 Now you will get an OTP.

Step-8 Enter the OTP in the WhatsApp chat bot.

Step-9 You will get a Kovid certificate on your WhatsApp, save it, or if you want, you can also get a hard copy removed.

In this way, you can easily download the Kovid-19 certificate and for this you do not need to go anywhere, you can very easily sit at your home with the help of mobile. You can download your Vaccine Certificate And downloading this certificate is also completely free.

The nature of corona epidemic is getting worse day by day, from common life to all people in the country and abroad are affected, vaccine is the main weapon to protect them, which we can stay safe and according to government instructions, every 18+ young man and woman. It is mandatory for girls to get vaccinated.

First the first phase, then the second phase and now the third phase is very frightening, but due to the understanding of the government and the public, free vaccination was done on a large scale, in which till now all the people of 18 years or more have been given both doses of Kovid-19. The campaign is progressing rapidly.

Most of the people have got only one dose, but those who have got both the doses can download the e-certificate from their mobile, so everyone should get vaccinated as soon as possible, put on a mask and keep a distance of 2 yards.

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