Friends, today we will discuss how to get cache from portable. Friends, mobile phones are used by everyone, whether it is small or big, awesome or young, versatile, everyone has it. Versatile is used for slack just call message, video call, sound call or film, dramatization or online media, so have you ever felt that you can lose money even with portable, so today I tell you that How to get from Portable.

So without wasting your time let us stop thinking about your topic. Your article is fine, so how do we begin.

How do you earn money from mobile (mobile se paise kaise kamaye.
So friends, today I will tell you 5 such dates from which you can work money from mobile sitting at home.

  • upload video to youtube
  • by blogging
  • use facebook
  • via whatsapp

So friends these are 5 ways in which you can make thousands of things possible.

Most efficient way to bring in cash by disrupting
Friends, writing for a blog to bring in cash is number one because I have a huge change and if you have the answer it is very easy. You have an idea in your heart as to how this can happen.

what is writing for the blog
Publishing content on blog matlab blogger blog wordpress blog blogger blog is a google item and it’s completely free Is.

On WordPress you have to take facilitating and area, which can cost around 10000, then, I will write you blogger, start contributing blog and start writing content and start earning money.

2 how to earn money from youtube

Friends, this is the easiest way to earn money from YouTube, I just want a portable one, I just have to guess and start recording, that’s all, I need 1000 endorsers and 4000 hours watchtime and that will be done. When your condition is fulfilled, then your YouTube channel will be optimized, then, you will start bringing in money, from which you can earn lakhs of rupees.

3 How to make money using Facebook

Friends, everyone uses Facebook, so you can earn money by using us. There are ways to get cash from Facebook. Only at the top you need to make a page, after that money from stars can work.
You can do a lot of things by selling products on Facebook

You can also do special pause work by marketing on Facebook.

3 You can also earn by uploading videos on Facebook page
There are more reasons to lose to Facebook.

4 How to earn money from WhatsApp.

Friends, nowadays every person uses WhatsApp, do you keep bringing money from WhatsApp also. So it is absolutely a fact that you can also bring cash by tossing WhatsApp, assuming you need a gathering, you can bring cash by selling any of your stuff or fat.

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