SBI bank online zero balance saving account openingIn today’s time, it is very important for everyone to have a bank account, even if it is from any bank. ScholarshipWhether there is benefit of subsidy, government scheme or online electricity bill It is mandatory to have a bank account for everything to be paid.

Since bank friend Since then, opening an account in any bank has become much easier than before. If you want to open your zero balance bank account then you can open Zero balance saving bank account online in SBI bank.

How to open online savings account with zero balance in SBI Bank?

Generally, the account is not opened directly in the banks with zero balance. For this you have to deposit at least 500 or 1000 rupees. But if you want to open online bank account on zero balance, then in this article how to open online savings account on zero balance in SBI bank? I am going to tell you step by step.

To open an account online or offline in any bank, you need some documents. If you have all these documents then without any problem internet With the help of this you can open your zero balance account online.

Documents required to open zero balance online account:

You will need the following documents to open an online bank account. Keep in mind that for e-kyc, it is very important for your mobile number to be linked with your Aadhar card, otherwise you will not be able to open an online bank account. this is your Mobile number registered in your bank account Will be done.

  • Aadhar card
  • pan card

Note: To open an account with the bank, you mobile number link with aadhar card It is very important to be

How to open zero balance bank account online in SBI?

There are many zero balance accounts in the bank like Insta Savings Account. There is no balance limit in this type of account. To open an Insta Savings account, the user has to visit the bank. They can also open account online through SBI YONO App or SBI website page or

Insta Savings Account is a product of SBI Bank which works as an online savings account. Applicants have to apply for the account through an online platform. Enter all the mandatory details on the application form. Once registered, you can use it immediately. User should have Aadhar card and PAN to open account.

To open zero balance bank account online in State Bank of India, you have to first download SBI’s Yono bank application in your mobile phone.

First of all open play store on your mobile.

Now search YONO SBI in play store.

You have to install YONO SBI app in your mobile.

Open the app after installing it.

After opening the app, first you have to select your mobile number. See screen shot below..

select sim
select sim

After selecting the mobile number, one on your number OTP Which will get verified automatically.

After that you have to click on proceed. see screenshot below

click on proceed
click on proceed

After clicking on Proceed, you will see two options.

In which the first option will be of Open Saving Account and the second option will appear for Home Loan.

You have to click on Open Saving Account. see in the image below

Open Saving Account
Open Saving Account

After clicking again you will get two options. In which the first option will be without branch visit and the second option will be with branch visit.

We are opening online bank account here. So we have to choose the first option without branch visit. See image below.

Without branch visit
Without branch visit

As soon as you click on the option of without branch visit. You will again see two options.

The first option will be of Insta plus saving account and the second option will be of Insta saving account.

Here we will choose the second option Insta saving account. After clicking on this option a popup will open in which we are told that this is a limited access account whose full KYC we have to get done within one year. see image below

Insta saving account
Insta saving account

After that we will click on Submit. After clicking we will see two options again.

The first option will be Start A New Application and the second option will be for Resume Application.

We are applying for a new account here, so we have to choose the first option Start A new Application.

new application
new application

If you were applying online before this and it remains incomplete then you have to choose the option of Resume Application.

After selecting the option of Start A new Application, on the next page you will have to accept the terms and conditions and click on the Next button.

In the next page you have to enter your mobile number and click on submit button.

After clicking on submit an OTP will be sent to your mobile number which you will have to verify.

After the OTP is verified, you will have to create your password in the next page.

Password must be at least eight digits long and must use at least one digit and a special symbol.

After this you have to choose a security question and put your answer below it and click on next.

As soon as you click on Next, a popup will open in which you will be told that you have to complete this application within 15 days, otherwise you will have to apply again. You have to complete the next step by clicking on OK.

Now in the page that will open, you have to approve the FATCA / CRS declaration. All you have to do is click on the tick box and click on the next button.

After this the process of opening your account will start. You have to complete a total of 6 steps to open your online SBI bank account, after which your online SBI bank account will be opened.

In the first step, you have to verify your identity details.

First of all, you have to tick the box given in the personal detail page and click on the Next button.

After clicking on Next, you will have to verify your Aadhar Card in the next page. For this you will get 3 options. 1. Scan Aadhar Card 2. Aadhar Number 3. VID

We will verify your Aadhar card with Aadhar number here. So we will click on Aadhar No.

In the next page, we have to enter our Aadhaar number and click on the submit button, after that an OTP will come on the mobile number linked to our Aadhaar, which we will have to verify and click on the Next button.

In the next page, we will get our name, address etc. information which is on our Aadhar card. Now we have to click on Next button.

In this page we have to choose our place of birth, country and citizenship. We have to select India in citizenship and country. After that click on Next.

In the next page, you have to select your state, district, and village/town and click on next.

This is a very small step. In this, you have to enter your PAN card number and click on next.

As soon as you click on Next. You will see the photo in the Aadhar card. After that you have to click on the Next button below.

In this step you have to enter your qualification. After selecting your educational qualification, click on Next.

In this step you have to enter marital status.

After that click on continue and fill further information.

After this you have to give the information of your parents. And then click on Next button.

In the next column, you have to fill in the information about your annual income, occupation or religion.

After this, fill the information of the person you want to nominate.

After this you have to select your home branch.

You choose your nearest branch.

After that you have to accept the terms and conditions.

After which an OTP will come to your mobile number once again. which you have to verify.

On the next next page you have to enter the name that will be printed on the SBI Atm card. Your name will be printed on your ATM card.

After completing these many steps, you will get your account number, CIF number.

And all the information related to your account will also be sent to you by an SMS.

you your ATM card Will be received within 15 days by post.

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What is Insta Saving Account?

This account is similar to a normal savings but it has some limitations. You cannot deposit more than Rs 1 lakh in this account. This account is valid for one year. Within a year, you have to get KYC done by visiting the branch of your choice. After which this account becomes like other savings account and its limitation also ends. That is to say, after going to the bank branch and getting KYC done, it can be operated like a normal savings account.

With the help of Yono Bank app, you can Online Bank Balance Check can also do. this app SBI Net banking ‘s app. You can do all the work related to your bank with the help of this app.


How to open an online account in SBI Bank, please tell us in the comments the information about the article. If you face any kind of problem in opening an online account, then you can definitely ask us in the comments. How will you tell us about the information of this article? Friends, it takes a lot of hard work to write any information, if you like the information, then do like and share. We will keep bringing similar information for you in future also.

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