PageMaker is a desktop application computer program used for layout design, such as brochures, magazines, books, wedding cards, invitation cards, posters, banners, book designing etc. The main function of PageMaker is designing and editing. Everyone can use Page Maker, for this you need a little knowledge. That’s why in today’s post we will tell you Pagemaker Kya Hai And the complete information related to this is going to be told in detail.

Nowadays everything can be done easily through digital medium. Today PageMaker is one of the most used graphic design software, which is used for desktop publishing. Our users often ask that Adobe Pagemaker Ke Interface Ki Vyakhya Kijiye and describe the features of PageMaker, then friends, today we are going to tell you the answers to all your questions related to PageMaker through our today’s article.

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If you also want to know the answers to these questions, what is PageMaker, explain, what are the various features and settings available in PageMaker, then you are reading the right post. Apart from this, today through this post you will also know about what is Pagemaker Tools in Hindi. So to get complete information related to Pagemaker, read our this post Page Maker in Hindi from beginning to end. Only then you will be able to get good information about it.

Page Maker

PageMaker is a desktop publishing application software developed by Adlus Corporation in 1985, but acquired by Adobe Company in 1994. PageMaker is used to create, modify and print Cards, Brocher, Invitation card, Poster, Banners, Documents. In this, you can easily do typing with Graphics Designing. Page Maker is used in big offices these days. You can easily create any file with Page Maker. The new version of Page Maker is 7.0.

Page Maker is a popular graphics software for computer users, since the advent of Page Maker, there has been a different change in the world of editing, because editing and presentation are of great importance in today’s digital world.

Various Components of PageMaker

title bar – It’s at the top of the Pagemaker window where you can enter the name of your document and save it. And if you don’t save your document, Untitled-1 shows in the title bar.

Rulers – Pagemaker has 2 rulers, which can be moved vertically and horizontally, it is used to tell the length and width of the page.

pasteboard – A pasteboard is the background (page) at the back of a PageMaker document, used to temporarily hold text and images (graphic elements) as to where and when items are to be placed between pages.

page icon The standard tool bar which is given below the menubar of PageMaker. The commands used in this like New, Open, Save, Print, Find etc. are given in the form of Icons. Which you can use according to you.

What are the Features of PageMaker

The latest version of Pagemaker is 7.0. Adobe has made many new changes in this edition. And new features have been added to it. Let’s know about its features:

  • The feature of templates is provided in PageMaker, in which the design of the pages is already made, you can just open it and use it. With this your work will be done quickly and easily.
  • Pagemaker also has a toolbar feature, through which you can save, print your document or file, as well as commands to check formatting and spelling have also been given in the toolbar.
  • A tool called Color Management has been added to it. Through this you can change the color of the document as per your choice.
  • Using clip art, you can easily use images and icons in publishing.
  • With the latest printing technology in Page Maker, you can do both side printing, duplex printing, binding printing etc. in less time and easily.

use of pagemaker

You know what PageMaker is, but how it is used, you will know further:

Starting A New PublicationFirst of all, open the dialog box of Document Setup. In this dialog box the setup to start your document is done. According to which the new document is opened. You can also open this dialog box from Document Setup in the File menu and by pressing the P button (Shift+Ctrl+P) along with Shift and Control. The following information is already set in this dialog box. Which you can change according to your need.

Page Size- In this you can set the page size of the document according to you. But the page size is given in inches. But you can also set its size according to you.

Orientation- The orientation of the document is very large. Which we also call portrait. It has less width and more height. PageMaker automatically selects one of these orientations according to the page dimensions you choose. You can also change it if you want.

Number Of Pages- In this you can select how many pages will be in the document. Initially a document of the same number of pages is opened. Later you can increase or decrease the number of pages as per your requirement.

Starting Page Number- In this it is told from which number the page number will be started. If you want the number of the first page of the document to be 10 and the number of the second page to be 9, then you should enter 10 in its box.

Margins- In these text boxes, the margin around the new documents is set. You can change them later.

Options- In this you can set other options of the document. For example, the document will be printed on both sides of the paper or on one side.

Printer- In this, you choose the name of the printer on which the document is printed for your document. But the printer must be linked to your computer. If you do not have a printer, the word Display On None will appear in this box.

Pagemaker Main Screen Features

Next we will learn about Pagemaker Tools and User Interface of PageMaker. When you open PageMaker, you get this screen:

Pagemaker Screen

Toolbox- When working on PageMaker and the tools they use, they are in the box. And you get 14 different tools to create a publication. The file we create in PageMaker is called Publication. You can move it anywhere as per your wish.

Standard Tool Bar- The standard tool bar which is given below the menu bar of PageMaker. The commands used in this like New, Open, Save, Print, Find etc. are given in the form of Icons. Which you can use according to you.

Ruler Guides- Ruler guides are used to tell the length and width of the page. It can also be moved if needed. Ruler guides are on the left and top of the publication.

Control Palette- In this, options are given in font, font size, bold, italic, under line, line spacing, etc. Which are used to do any kind of editing while working on the publication.

page border- With the help of this tool, you can select the border of the page. You can easily set the size of the border you want to keep. If you type something and it goes beyond the border of the page, it is not printed when you take a print out.

Margin Guides- This option is used to set the typing space inside the page. It appears as a thin blue line on the page.

Functions of PageMaker

  • The job of pagemaker is to do any kind of designing, modifying and printing it.
  • Page Maker is useful for many things such as creating ads, creating front pages, creating files, creating invitations, designing books and many more.
  • This is a very good software, through which we can do our work very easily and quickly.

Story Editor in Hindi

Page Maker Kya Hai You must have known all this very well, now let’s know what is Story Editor? Let us tell you that Story Editor is a tool of Pagemaker, in which you can type and edit text, that is, you can improve it. All editing tools are present in Story Editor like Insert, Delete, Cut, Paste Etc. To open the Story Editor in PageMaker, you can select Story Editor from the Edit Menu and if you want, you can open it using the shortcut Key Ctrl + E.

Hope you have understood well about What is Pagemaker in Hindi (What is Pagemaker) and Story Editor Ka Karya Bataiye also.

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