Whenever we apply for a job, the first thing we are asked here is to Introduce Yourself. But many times we get nervous in giving our self introduction, and are not able to introduce ourselves properly. You must have heard this English proverb “First Impression Is Last Impression” means your positive first introduction helps in maintaining a good and right impression on the interviewer till the end and also ensures that you are considered strongly. Will go That’s why friends, in today’s post we will tell you Self Introduction in Hindi I will tell you how to give.

Self-introduction is the state or feeling of introducing oneself. In other words, a formal personal presentation of one person to another. This is a subject that has a lot of usefulness and importance too, because whenever we introduce ourselves in school, college or other place, it identifies our personality and this affects the interviewer. That is why it is also important for you to know about Apna Introduction Kaise De.

list of subjects

There are also some important things for private or government job interviews. So friends, today we have brought complete information related to how we should give interview in today’s post in English, in which you will be able to know and understand very well that Self introduction Kaise Dete Hain.

In this article, you will also learn that to know how to write your introduction in English, read this post Apna Introduction Kaise De from beginning to end. Only then you will be able to get complete information about it.

Self Introduction Kaise De

Self Introduction in Hindi

While introducing your Self in the interview, always start with a slight smile with a greeting “Hello”, after that when you are asked to introduce yourself, your full name and with it in your short introduction. Where are you from and give a little detail about your family. Keep your body language balanced and talk looking into the eyes of the interviewer, this creates a good impression on the interviewer.

Self Introduction includes your name, your background and things related to your work, you can divide this introduction into two parts:

  • Formal Introduction Formal introduction You give during getting a job in an organization or work area or during any official meeting etc.
  • Informal Introduction Informal introduction you give to a new friend or to someone with whom you want to have a friendly relationship.

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Apna Introduction Kaise De

In this, we will give you some information that what should be kept in mind while giving a personal introduction to an organization, a company.

Introduce yourself: When introducing yourself, start by greeting yourself with a slight smile and shaking your hands and stating your full name clearly. Also, state where you are from in your brief introduction and give small details about your family.

Along with this, whenever you introduce yourself to someone, with a positive attitude, keep your head up, body straight, your gestures should be like that of an experienced person.

educational qualification: After telling your initial information, now tell about your educational qualification, what you have studied means about your 10th, 12th and Graduation, along with it also tell about your achievements, keep in mind that you know your information Be honest while giving and give all the information with confidence.

State professional experience, if any: If you are fresher then your educational qualification is suitable, but if you have work experience means you have worked with any organization or company before, then definitely tell this information to the interviewer that you have so many years experience in this subject or this field . The interviewer gives a special assessment of these things to you.

State your hobbies i.e. hobbies and interests: After telling about your experience, you should also tell about your hobbies, and in which subject or what you are particularly interested in, keep in mind that you must keep information about whatever you tell.

Self Introduction sample for fresher

How to introduce yourself in Hindi, let us tell you through a sample:

My name is Shivansh Patel. I am a resident of Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh). I am 22 years old. We are 5 members in my house. My father is a farmer, and mother is a housewife. I have completed my graduation from BE, Information and Technology branch from Gyan Ganga Institute of Technology & Sciences, Jabalpur this year. I have a lot of interest in the field of computers and networks, and I keep taking time out to get information related to them. I have done 6 months Computer Programming Language Course, in which I have learned C, C++ language. Among my hobbies, I love playing football.

Self Introduction Sample for Experienced Candidate

hello i am ashish kumar i am from jabalpur (madhya pradesh) i have completed bachelor of engineering degree from jabalpur engineering college in 2009 i am working with a famous IT company for almost 5 years i am a fresher to manager Learned a lot about IT Operations in journey till date, my qualifications and work experience make me a suitable candidate for this job profile I want to join your organization to explore new dimensions and develop my skills further I am

English Me Introduction Kaise De

English Me Introduction Kaise Dete Hain We explain this to you through an example or format, this will give you an idea and you will be able to give a great interview:

What to do when giving self introduction

Before giving self introduction in English, keep these things in mind so that you will be able to give a great interview:

keep a smile on your face

Keep a small smile on your face when you go to interview in the company, it boosts your confidence, and also keeps your body language balanced.


A simple “hello” to your etiquettes shows your manners.

introduce yourself

When you meet any new person interviewing in the company, the first thing you should do is to greet them by shaking hands with a slight smile and clearly stating your full name.

Maintain Eye Contact

Eye contact not only shows that you are listening carefully to the things of the front, but it also shows your confidence. If you are not able to easily look directly into someone’s eyes or look around, then they feel that you are not listening to their words.

proper gesture (keep calm)

Apart from the interview, whenever you meet a person, meet with a positive attitude, raising your head, keeping your body straight, your gestures should be like that of an experienced person.

Understand and answer the questions of the interviewer easily

Whenever the interviewer is asking us something, he should not answer by turning around nor should he prolong the talk. Tell us accurately and accurately whatever information we have.

Listen carefully to the interviewer and answer his questions in simple words and if you do not have information about that question, then by saying sorry, you do not know about it, you can say that by doing this we present ourselves in the right form. can do.

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shake hands

To end your meeting, shake hands once again and again say the name of the person in front of you and say “Nice to meet you Mr. Man”.

how to give interview in english

Self Introduction In Hindi So you will give it easily with the help of the above mentioned points but you must be thinking that Apna Introduction English Me Kaise De (How to give introduction in English) because English is compulsory everywhere nowadays, and many people in interview. They fail just because they can’t speak English. That is why it is very important for us to have knowledge of English along with our language.

As we told you above, all these things are also useful for giving introduction in English, yet apart from this, there are some things that we should keep in mind. These are shown pointwise below:

  • While giving interview in English, special attention should be paid to grammar so that there is no grammatical mistake.
  • Whenever we talk about Self Introduction in English, we often get confused. Due to confusion, we start thinking while sitting there or stop speaking, due to which we get a wrong image in front of the person in front.
  • For giving interview in English, you can tell about these things which can prepare a good introduction like- Name, Residence, Educational Qualification, Experience, Hobby, Strength, Weakness, Family Details etc.


A good interview and good introduction determine our image in the mind of the other person. If you are giving a job interview then it also plays an important role in your future promotion.

The information shown above about how to give your self introduction Self Introduction in Hindi For Interview all CaIt is for everyone like ndidates, students and kids, you can impress any interviewer or any person by using the above mentioned tips.

Hope you have liked our today’s post Apna Introduction Kaise De, you must share it with your friends and relatives so that they can also get information about it.

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