Today I am going to educate you about the top 10 best blogging apps used by bloggers. There are a large number of bloggers who are using top 10 best blogging apps on their mobile to make their blogging simple.

Assuming that you’ve used these apps on your portable, your blogging excursion will be exceptionally simple and you can set up your blog without a stretch, whether it’s a basic setting or an HTML setting that you can use on your versatile. But can.

Blogging from a PC is exceptionally simple as there are many Chrome extensions you can use to make blogging simple and assuming you are doing HTML or coding in Blogger, you can watch everything on the big screen. .

Anyway, in this world, not every person can buy a PC, rather everyone has an Android mobile phone. That is why I am going to tell you about some apps that can help you make your blogging easier.

Top 10 Best Blogging Apps Used by Bloggers

Here I am going to specify some blogging versatile apps which can make your blogging easy, there are not only 10 apps on the internet which are best for blogging, there are many apps but I am going to reveal to you some main apps. .

blogging or wordpress app

If you are a blogger and doing all your blogging on cell phone then you need this app because on pc we open blogger site in desktop mode but on versatile, assuming we open desktop mode, everything is small and we obviously cannot compose blog entry that is why we need to use blogger app to make blogging simple.

HTML Code Editor

HTML Code Editor is an app where you can create HTML language in extremely simple designs and save and use them on your site which is why we need this app in portable blogging in light of the fact that blog In this we need to add Google Analytics code and other HTML code to blog layout HTML in PC.

It is extremely easy to do, however in Versatile we can still the problem is small screen size and small words of sections and others, that’s why we can’t edit HTML in portable, assuming you need portable You need the HTML editor app.

You can edit your html, in one tap after editing the format you can find the words you need in html, duplicate the edited layout click on save and later go to your blog layout edit html select all And glue the edited layout and save it.

goggle keyboard

Many people are using the keyboard that they prefer, still assuming that you are a blogger, you need to use Google keyboard because Google keyboard gives you correct spelling and you need to find all those words. Recommends that are identified by your word which have advantages like assuming you need to write the spelling, then when you type the S word, Google will automatically propose every single word you linked at that time.


Writing an article for your blog on a portable is undeniably challenging as compared to writing on a PC which is why we needed this app for a blogger to write a post on our versatile, you need to download the notepad app. Write your blog entry effectively at that time.

photo art

Picsart is a versatile picture editing app that gives you access to create a logo for your business and edit the pictures you need, that’s why we really need this app for blogging because in blogs we don’t have To use any copyrighted picture in the event that we use it we get a copyright strike.

We need interesting images to get our site approved by Adsense.

Picsart. how to edit photos in

Download the app Piscart in Blogger then, select the image you need to edit or you can make your image choose (1280×720) size, that is a decent size, at that point add them to your blog entry title text Edit with and add some free copyrighted images and you’re done.

Google Analytics

Google Logical is a tool from Google that gives you information about your site and gives you every single insight related to what is running watcher and what your visitors like and where are you getting traffic for your site. That’s why this Google Analytics will help you a ton in blogging.

grammar app

Grammarly is a site and app and on PC, you can find chrome enhancements which will really help you to write articles because many of the person’s sentence structure is not very good and they may make many errors in writing their article in this blog. Assuming you have this app in your versatile, it will automatically correct all your mixes including nouns, pronouns, verb words and syntax.

Grammarly app will also help you to correct your English language and syntax and in this, because you are on-page SEO, your article will not rank on Google.

photo compressor app

Photo Compressor app is best for versatile bloggers, in such case you transfer a picture in your blog entry whose size is as big as 3 to 5 MB.

This will give you an accidental effect in view of publishing your post and that is the HTML size of your site is huge and in this case, your site speed will be affected and when

If the speed of your site is too slow then the visitor does not use your site.

Download an app that packs pictures or you can use the site’s tools that really help you reduce your picture size.

google drive

Google Drive can help you a ton in Blogger because you can save your delicate records like bookkeeping pages, excel, word, audio-video and more. You can save to Google Drive as you need and edit again when you need to post.


In this article, I tell you about the top 10 best blogging apps used by bloggers, you need to use this app, assuming that you need to prevail in blogger on the basis that every The person doesn’t have a PC and you don’t accept that although blogging is kinda portable than PC you just need a few apps that can make your blogging easier

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